Piazza dei Mestieri

Mission and Approach

The definition of a training school and "introduction to the working world" not only explains the mission of our Foundation, but also conveys the idea of the numerous activities that take place here:

  • Developing talent
  • Learning to appreciate beauty
  • Innovating professional training
  • Youth Guidance
  • Work-related education
  • Building networks

Piazza dei Mestieri's approach is to start with each individual's personality, wishes and resources. These are the forces which drive us, and the communities we live in, onto positive life paths.
Piazza dei Mestieri's workers are active in reception, orientation and education, but above all they guide students through courses and workshops where students can learn the value of manual labour and the importance of being able to recognise and reproduce beauty. They are led by "masters" who introduce them to the world of work, involving them in real production and sales-based activities.
After achieving their qualification, students continue to receive assistance from the Foundation for another two years. Both private and public organizations are involved in this process, in order to create a new welfare community model in which identified resources are shared across a network.

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